Jack Head Tutorial

Note: If anyone needs help figuring out the steps, please feel free to ask. The original poster has another link up that promises step-by-step instructions. Follow the source link to get to his/her facebook post.

(Eh just a summary anyway: 1) Bake Cake (multilayered w/ thick sticky icing keeping each layer firmly together); 2) Carve cake into sphere is shape, smooth; 3) Mix cake crumbs with thick icing to make a ‘clay’ of sorts; 4) Sculpt skull shape; 5) Add black fondant eyes and mouth, mask w/ wax paper; 6) Cover w/ white fondant; 7) Cut out masked areas and define sculpt; 8) Add teeth and misc. details; 9) Add color w/ edible coloring techniques

  • The collar looks like it’s also made out of fondant. The cake board also looks like it’s been covered in orange fondant.
  • Because the crumbs are applied by mixing with icing, I don’t think adding anything else is necessary in order to get the fondant to stick, but you should keep in mind that you may need to have something else available. (use icing here if needed)
  • You will need something to help stick the fondant teeth to the fondant black mouth. Gum paste glue should work…maybe icing if you absolutely have to.
  • Dry brush your fondant. The more times you go over the same area, the darker it gets. Go from light to dark colors. Change your brush if you are going back and forth between darks and lights. Powders highlight every mark on fondant, so take care when you color. Tap your brush before applying it to your fondant so that you don’t start with a glob of dust in one area.

(Source: cakesdecor.com)